Emily Mears

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i'm a software engineer with a passion for inclusivity, education and empathy in tech.

i used to be a computer science student at University College London, and i graduated in June 2018 with a first class degree. i like my eggs scrambled.
the best emojis are 💌 and 🌻.

i believe that tech can solve a lot of problems, if the right people are there to guide the solutions. but, we cannot forget that tech also causes problems.
when it comes to coding, im currently using a lot of React.js (with Redux, Redux Sagas, and Immutable.js), Ruby on Rails, Rust and Golang. want to learn more about design.

what i do
ucl computer science hacks & workshops lead for she++ london co-initiator of ucl computer science technical mentorship scheme ucl technology society vice president and director of outreach athena swan undergraduate representative
software engineering intern - myoptique group senior computer science mentor code first: girls, coderdojo, hackathon and acornhack volunteer